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Owner FAQ

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How long will it take to qualify an applicant?
Depending on the level of screening, the process could take as little as a couple hours or it could take as long as one to two business days. Our team is trained in techniques to close a deal quickly, even if approval is still pending.

What happens if the tenant damages the property?
This is probably the second most frequently asked question by owners. Because of our comprehensive tenant screening program, our tenants are ones who consistently pay the rent on time and take care of the rental property. In the event the tenants do cause damage, they are instructed to repair the damage at their expense. A follow-up inspection by the property manager will determine if the work has been performed properly. If tenant caused damages are discovered at the time the tenant vacates the premises, a claim is made against the security deposit to cover the damage. This is a legal process that must be followed precisely to allow deduction of a security deposit. If not handled correctly and within the allowed time frame, the entire security deposit can be required to be returned to the tenant, regardless of damages.

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