Distressed Homeowner FAQ

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Distressed Homeowner FAQ

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to have when I call you?
The details we're looking for up front are all listed on your mortgage statement, so if you can have that in hand, it will prevent you from having to dig for information. Anything more you can tell us about the house while we're chatting will be a good start. 

What if my home doesn't appraise high enough?
There are no appraisals or qualification criteria to be approved. While we review your home to determine if you will be able to draw any funds out during the transaction, our various investor groups each look for different states of condition/disrepair and value. Often times, even a quick walk-through aren't necessary to get you closed.

I have already found the place I want to move into, how quickly can we close?
The length of time it takes to close most often will be up to you. If you are ready and have all your information together, we can be prepared to close in under a week.  

What if I have a renter in my house? Can you still buy my house if it isn't owner occupied?
Yes. Approximately 50% of the owner we pair with our investors already have tenants in place. 

Who pays the closing costs?
The buyer usually pays all closing costs

Who pays the commission to Title One Management?
We do not get paid a commission on the sale by either the buyer or you, the seller. Of course, like any other business, we like to get paid, so our agreement with our investors is that we hired to rehab and manage the house once they've converted it to a rental property.

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