Agent Referral Program

Earn compensation for referring Owners and Tenants.

Agents Are Our Industry Partners

Referral Program for Licensed Agents

Listing about to expire?
House is priced too high for the market but your client can't move on price?

None of us want to turn away potential business but sometimes a listing just doesn't work out for whatever reason and selling - at least right now - is not the best option. Don’t lose that hard earned lead; refer the person to us for rental and when they get ready to sell we refer them right back over to you. It really is win win. Get paid today and get your client back so you get paid tomorrow!


How it Works:
Owners: Refer an owner and earn half the leasing fee once the unit is rented. Typical leasing fees are equal to one month’s rent and you do nothing but make the introduction! We sign them up, we handle all the showings and paperwork, we rent the unit. Totally hands off for you and you still get paid.

Tenants: Refer a tenant and earn 2 months management fees just for the phone call. We qualify them, we handle all the paperwork and showings, we sign them up. One phone call gets you paid.

Submit a referral online or call 678-792-2050 or email:

Our Guarantee:
By providing us your referrals, you earn the right to compensation as indicated above upon our successful retention of the tenant or owner. When that tenant leases a property of ours or that owner's property leases, we will pay you for the referral. In addition, should that tenant or owner decide to buy or sell in the future, they will be referred back to you for handling of that purchase or sale.

The Fine Print:

  1. Your referral must be a tenant or owner referral that we have not already approached.
  2. All referral payments will be made to the supervising Broker for distribution.
  3. All agents must complete the referral submission form and provide a signed copy of your Brokers W-9 for funds distribution.

Refer an Owner or Tenant
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